Wearever Cookware: Best Affordable Ceramic Cookware

As a mom, I am always on the lookout for products that are not only affordable but also durable and are actually functional. I’m not after the latest and greatest or gimmicks, I can’t be bothered really. I’m just after practicality. This is especially so when it comes to my kitchen. And even more so when it comes to buying new cookware.

There are many products out there that say they offer more and are worth more than what I pay for, but over time, I learned to check the products before purchasing them. I found the Wearever Cookware Set online, and I studied the reviews to see if it was worth it. Apparently, this brand has been around since 1903 and has been a popular product in the US. They sell bakeware and cookware items (they usually come in sets).

Wearever Cookware Features

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» Non Stickwearever-cookware

» Ceramic

» Scratch Resistant

» Cadium Free

» Dishwasher Safe

» Oven Safe

The range of Wearever cookware and bakeware sets are made of stainless steel, porcelain enamel, and aluminum. Also, their products have a non-stick finish. I have heard a lot of brands claim to be non-stick and everything, so when I received mine, I tried to overcook a newbabychoice.com/the-best-bassinets-for-a-new-mom small piece of meat in the Wearever skillet to see for myself, and true enough, the cookware is totally non-stick.

The surface has also been scratch-resistant so far, and the heat is also distributed evenly. The lids are made of glass and their handles are also covered in silicone. The handles are also especially made so that they will stay cool when cooking at a high temperature.

Note that there’s also a limit to about 350 (oven) degrees and 700 degrees (surface) when using this cookware. When I read it, I thought it was a minus on the brands part, but then I remembered that when the food is usually exposed to a higher temperature than 350 degrees, the food will be rather unsafe or would not even taste great. In keeping this in mind, I am able to ensure the quality of the food I cook in my kitchen.

The ceramic coating in the cookware also helps make it easier to clean- it’s hassle-free and takes little time to clean. Sometimes, though, there are stains that are difficult to get rid of so I use lemon or baking soda, and it does the trick 100%.

After using it for over a month now, I finally realized why the brand was highly popular.

First, it was cheaper than other cookware.

Second, it is durable and easy to clean.

Third, it is made of high quality and will last long (with proper care and use, of course).

Overall, the set looks rather stylish in my kitchen, and my friends often think it’s expensive, but when I tell them how much I spent on it, they look surprised. I love the look on their faces when I tell them how affordable the cookware really is.

Wearever sells a wide range of cookware and bakeware materials, and for first-time buyers, I highly recommend the C943SA Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Coating PTFE-PFOA Cadmium Free Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set. The set has 10 pieces (which includes two utensils made of nylon). I bought the cookware set that came in red, but black and gold cookware set is also available. Click Here to View All Cookware by Wearever

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