The Best Chocolate Fountains for Chocoholics

Chocolate fondue fountains are naturally attractive. But they do more than just look good. People commonly share chocolate as a universal favorite thing to do. Don’t you think chocolate always tastes better when you are enjoying it with your family/friends.

Not to mention it’s an ‘in thing’ to include a buy chocolate fountain for events, weddings and parties.

Within a year of purchasing your favorite fondue fountain, I guarantee that you get your weekends packed with occasions lined up for birthdays, anniversaries, parties with friends and other special gatherings or merely just a get together to enjoy the eye-catching chocolate cascading down the fountain and within read to enjoy it with fruit or candy, or whatever your heart desire.

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Chocolate fountains are categorized for commercial and home use, but essentially all of them essentially do the same thing. I know a few people that rent a chocolate fountain for a special event. When I asked one of my close friends how much she hired for, I looked online and found that buying a chocolate fountain was cheaper than hiring it, what’s more than enjoying it is getting to keep it.

Go on and share endless fun chocolate memories.

The Chocolate Fountain Guide



Most Popular: Wilton 3-Tier

Chocolate Capacity: 4 pounds (More Details)

Sizes Available: 16.8 inches (More Details)

Wilton carries the most reputable name in creating food appliances that has stood the test of time for many years and when it comes to a Wilton chocolate fountain; the Wilton Chocolate Pro is the outstanding leader and best selling chocolate fountain.

Wilton’s leadership in the field of choclate fountain’s  is popularly loved and trusted as the brand itself enjoys working on them to make every event special, spicing it up with desert treats on the side (see below for more chocolate fountain ideas)

Their chocolate fountain machine has a lavish base to hold three layers of melted chocolate. You can expect a smooth flow of luscious chocolate to serve without any worry as it is nicely sturdy with its adjustable feet and a bubble level.

The best selling this year, you can’t go wrong with the Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain

Parts can easily be removed and packed away for quick tidying. It can be used as a chocolate, white chocolate fountain or cheese fondue fountain.

Wilton-melting-chocolateWilton-Chocolate-MeltsYou Also Need:

Wilton Melting Chocolate (buy here) and

Wilton Chocolate Melts (buy here)


nostalgia-chocolate-fountainBIGGEST VARIETY AVAILABLE & CHEAP!!!

Most Popular: 3 Tier Fondue

View Entire Range: Click Here

Nostalgia Electrics chocolate fountain have the biggest variety of choices of chocolate fountains for sale.

Designs are inspired by the past with a creative modern touch so much more distinct in style the other chocolate fountain on the list here. Nostalgia is also very affordable.

Most of Nostalgia chocolate fountains are an  ‘Auger style fountain‘ which means that they don’t use a pump to circulate the chocolate.

Selections vary from mini 2 tiers to 3 tiers with chocolate capacity of 1.5 pounds – 2.5 pounds of melted chocolate. The range of Nostalgia Electrics chocolate fondue fountain have available, and are one of the only brands that offer, a double chocolate fountain and a pink chocolate fountain for absolute chocolate lovers or for special events!

You Also Need:

sephra-chocolateMelting Chocolate (buy here)

Fountain Skewers (buy here)



Most Popular: Classic Home Fondue

Commercial Chocolate Fountain: CF Elite

Sizes Available: 16 inch, 18 inch & 19 inch

The Sephra chocolate fountains (click here to check prices) is another leading brand in this field of fondue fountains who offer high quality chocolate foutains to service your chocolate needs. One of the most outstanding features of fountains are the whisper quiet monitor that is so quiet you can’t hear it whilst enjoying your yummy and beautiful chocolate waterfall.

Not only are the home chocolate fountains popular, the Sephra Elite chocolate fountain (click here to check price) which is the commercial chocolate fountain is a popular purchase especially for parties, weddings and events as it caters to up to 40 active chocolate fanatics!

Other features include its stainless steel basin that can be heated via easy to use controls to melt chocolate in the fountain.

Furthermore, Sephra came up with their own chocolate brand to jump start a wonderful chocolate fondue and fountain to be experienced and shared with everyone.

sephra-chocolateYou Also Need:

Melting Chocolate (buy here)



Most Popular: View Here

Available in: 9 inch, 12 inch, 2 Tier, 3 Tier & 4 Colors (click here to view all)

Ovente chocolate fountain come in very handy and portable designs and are known to providing a small chocolate fountain aswell as providing a cheap chocolate fountain at under $25 (click here to check price).

In addition to the 2 tier and 3 tier fountains, you can get it in a variety of colors, which is great if you want a kids chocolate fountain.

This brand in chocolate fountains is completely easy to operate with on 3 switch controls as to enjoy your chocolate as soon as it flows. It has two levels and easily operated with simple dials to choose from.

They work best with small oodles of chocolate for which you may need to monitor for refill.

sephra-chocolateYou Also Need:

Melting Chocolate (buy here)

How to Use a Chocolate Fountain

To get the best of your chocolate fountains, here are some things to consider as you throw a gathering for a fountain of chocolate joy.

Place: Preferably place your chocolate fountain indoors. With at least someone to assist for demonstration and guard it away from potential problems and kids.

Pre-Heat: Set the chocolate fountain in pre heat mode before adding your chocolate. This should allow a smooth flow of chocolate. As you get started. Test try too if possible (yes, you can test try! Awesome!)

Table: Do I have I sturdy table to rest my chocolate fountain on? This little simple thing can even out the pour of chocolate for a scrumptious look.

Pre-Melt: Pre-melt your chocolate before the set time for the event.

Choice of food to dip: As much as possible dry ones are preferred but not essential. You can use anything you want, however, popular choices to use a chocolate fountain with are fruits, mallows, strawberries and candy melts.

Clean up: A hot water dip immediately after use should solve any clean up dilemma.

Enjoy: Don’t forget to enjoy it 🙂

DON’T FORGET to buy your chocolate for chocolate fountain so you can enjoy it in no time, get it delivered for free with your chocolate fountain. Click here to view all melting chocolate.

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