Fondue Made Easy: Top 5 Chocolate, Cheese and Meat Fondue Sets

Spending an evening with friends and family over fondue is a classic thing my family has done for generations and continues to enjoy doing up until this day.

In today’s article we are talking about Fondue Pots which differ from Fondue Fountains. If you wish to read about Fondue Fountains, Click Here

When it comes to fondue, it’s not only cheese and chocolate (which by far are the most popular) but you can also do broth and meat fondue too!

To explain very basically (as each of the fondue sets below is different), you can use a variety of heat sources to heat a fondue up. They come available to use as both fire and electric sources heating.

Also, when picking out a pot, don’t forget the accessories! For each fondue set, I have explained how many forks/accessories it comes with, but you will need to buy extra forks/tongs for greater fun! Also, don’t forget fun compartments and small plates aswell as small bowls which are popularly used nowadays to serve as dipping trays. Lastly, never miss your choice of chocolate or cheese to melt in your fondue pot, this should be purchased with your fondue pot to enjoy it as soon as it is delivered.

There is many different varieties of fondue pots, including the following: Cast Iron Fondue Pot, All Clad Fondue Pot, Ceramic Fondue Pots and Electric Fondue Pots.

Let’s find out the most popular chocolate fondue machines in the market. What is the best fondue set? Take your pick based on what your budget allows.

Top 5 Chocolate, Cheese and Meat Fondue Sets

1. Cuisinart

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Most Popular: Electric Fondue Maker

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This is the #1 best brand for affordable fondue sets and is currently the ‘best fondue set’ as ranked by customers!

The Cuisinart company pays attention not only to kitchen appliances but to these chocolate melting pots, ensuring that many problems faced with traditional fondue pots aren’t a problem with Cuisinart fondue pots. The best features I believe with a Cuisinart fondue pot is that it’s the easiest to use and the forks in all Cuisinart fondue maker pots are nicely colored to avoid mix ups. Also, with its adjustable temperature control; it’s a no-brainer to use.

Whether you use it as a chocolate pot, cheese pot or meat pot – it can be used for absolutely anything you want and the base is elegantly steel finished. Each design that is available looks not only nice, but is durable and provides a pretty fondue dining experience. From all the melting pot reviews I’ve read, the overall consensus is that the price/affordability is listed as the best feature of each Cuisinart electric fondue set. If your lacking creativity, don’t worry – a variety of recipes are included with the purchase of the fondue.

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Customer’s Top Picks:

#1. Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker (as above): This is the most popular buy of Cuisinart fondue pots as it has been reviewed by customers as being ‘straight forward’. You simply set it up, position the pot and melting is ‘just plain easy’ as it directly does its job inside the pot. Eight individualized forks are included also.

#2. Lazy Susan Electronic Fondue Maker: The reason why people love this fondue maker is simply this, ‘less hassle than any other’. This fondue comes with a lid to cover while preparing and serving cups. It provides ultimate convenience as guests can turn it around to themselves.

#3. 13 Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set in Red: This cast iron fondue maker comes with 6 pieces, a fork and a burner set. You can also prepare the fondue before hand on the stove top to provide uniform heating and afterwards place it the holder. Being cast iron it’s heat retention is amazing!

2. Boska Holland


Most Popular: Tapas Cheese Set

$ Price: Check Here

Colors/Styles/Sizes: View All Here

Playful, cute and affordable are the first things that come to mind when I think of Boska pots. They provide an intimate yet cozy fondue experience and because these pots are so different to the others on my list, they are sure to provide a ‘talking point’ or ‘conversation starter’ when you gather your family and friends to join in the fun of fondue.

All pots are attractively shaped in square or round with different handles, colors and boards underneath. Bases are made of mahogany wood or ceramic.

Traditionally, the Boska brand manufactured these fondue pots for cheese, however they can be used for chocolate also. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, but one thing in common with all of them, they are not electric, the heat source comes from the candle placed underneath the pot (1 candle comes provided in the package but only requires a normal tea light candle). Typically, the size of the fondue sets can accommodate up to approx. 6 people.

What’s more they are microwavable and dishwasher safe for an easy clean up job!

I believe they are the brand that have the coolest and funkiest designs. You can get a fondue pot in pink, blue and red with the swiss flag. The brand also has some cool accessories to match, you can view the entire range here.

3. Le Creuset Fondue


Most Popular: Enameled Cast-Iron 1-3/4-Quart

$ Price: Check Here

Colors/Styles/Sizes: View All Here

The Le Creuset fondue set are one of the most sought after chocolate fondue set in the entire world, EVEN despite their price, which can come as a surprise given the prices of all the other fondue sets on our list. Le creuset reviews show this is the most highly rated fondue machine of all time and also the best fondue pot of all time.

Why is it so popular? Because they provide the ‘traditional fondue pot’ made of enameled cast iron which means that you will initially heat the pot and the heat will retain without the need for re-heating. Also the heat is evenly distributed in the pot. Worried about handles being hot? No need to worry! These handles form part of the pot so no hot or melted handles to be afraid of.

Each cast iron pot is hand made, polished and enamel coated. It is then fired by hand also. They come in a cute variety of colors including: blue, cherry, flame, marseille, palm (view all here)

The only negative is the price. As the highest priced chocolate fondue pot and cheese fondue pot, it makes this fondue pot less desirable if you just want to have fondue at home on a budget or for the occasional fondue party event.

4. Swissmar

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Most Popular: Lugano 2 Quart

$ Price: Check Here

Colors/Styles/Sizes: View All Here

Swiss fondue have awesome melting pots produced by an equally established company. With their innovative creations, they offer only the best in European brands but available to the wider western market. Each pots is enameled cast iron which is perfect for broth fondue too coupled with a sturdy fine looking stove top and six forks in wooden handles. A recipe card is also included!

You may find these pots a little pricey as compared with others but this brand of fondue melting pots, are well researched, developed and designed along with many years of experience to meet their customer’s satisfaction.

Customer’s Top Picks:

#1. Swissmar Lugano Cheese Fondue (as above): The heat source comes from the fire gel underneath. It comes in a 2 quart capacity with 6 fondue forks and it’s easy to clean too!

#2. Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper Fondue Set: This two- quart pot has a dual function burner and is beautifully plated with copper stainless steel. It has a tampered opening that locks heat inside and to ensure no splattering. You can expect targeted heat delivery when cooking both in high and low temperatures. It also comes with a ceramic bowl insert and is delivered as a gift box.

5. Trudeau


Most Popular: 40 Ounce Fondue

$ Price: Check Here

Colors/Styles/Sizes: View All Here

The Trudeau fondue pot sets are irresistibly charming with outstanding quality and come in the largest variety of sizes and styles than all other fondue pot brands. Some of the features most outstanding about this brand is that you get good value as each Trudeau electric fondue pot comes with all the accessories and bowls you need for ultimate fondue fun (eg. 11 pieces, 12 pieces, 23 pieces and 24 piece sets).

All fondue sets are stainless steel and are coupled with a safety fuel burner. More features include a metal stand over a circular drip tray to avoid mess, installed with a stoneware double-boiler. The set also includes 6 dipping forks, fixed safe handles for transport and nicely wrapped in a gift box.

Another style (the Lazy Susan with 24 pieces and 40 ounce capacity), consists of a wired stand to attach a rotating turntable, condiment bowls, sauce spoons, fondue forks all in a handy storage box.

6. Nostalgia


nostalgia-fondue-potMost Popular: FPS200

$ Price: Check Here

Colors/Styles/Sizes: View All Here

I’d sum up the range of Nostalgia Electric fondue pots as ‘always served with fun and style’. Nostalgia fondue pots have a stainless steel finish that looks good in any home.

Each of the four forks are color coded, each with a fork rest ring.

The Nostalgia Electrics fondue pot holds 6- cup capacity, has flexible heat control and with no-scorch handles (very important) and is most commonly used fro chocolate fondue.

Fondue Utensils

Utensils that you need include, long forks designed for broth and meat while shorter forks are used for cheese and chocolate. One important point which I have pointed out above with each of the fondue sets is that the handles need to be solid/strong enough to endure heat. Many people make the mistake of not taking this into account and the handles become hot and slightly melted.

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  1. Becky

    November 30, 2015 at 9:28 am

    Had a choc fondue ages ago but lost it when I moved house, looking for a new one now. Which do you recommend for say, Friday night fondue parties with about 4-8 people?

    • Vivian


      December 1, 2015 at 11:56 am

      Hi Becky. If you are looking for affordable options to host parties with, the Cuisinart and Swissmar brands are the most popular and I tend to generally recommend them the most, apart from that, Le Creuset are the best quality but they are quite expensive.

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