Best Raclette Grills for Healthy and Delicious Meals

TheKitchen.Site’s Guide to Everything You Need To Know About Raclette Grilling

So do feel like organizing a little get-together (aka dinner party) with your closest friends but feel like your ordinary pasta and wine nights are starting to get boring?

Well, pasta and wine are not your only option for easy dinner party ideas.

Why don’t you try raclette grilling for a change?

It’s not only a healthy way to cook your meals, but having your friends around for a dinner party and using a raclette is exciting. To be all sitting around a raclette grill waiting for your nightly meal to be cooked creates fun times! Using a raclette machine doesn’t drain your energy in preparing and cooking food for your guests, everyone has a turn at cooking and all the prep and cooking is done in-front of you. So if you want to give raclette grilling a try for you next dinner party or just want to integrate raclette grills for healthy and delicious meals into your nightly schedule, here are the best raclette grills to buy.

What is raclette exactly? They are grills which are a healthy way to cook all food, including meat, seafood, chicken, vegetables, crepes, pancakes – absolutely anything at all. This type of grill is popular not only for nightly meals/cooking but because they are quite large, they are large enough to serve (generally) up to 4-12 people at one time. They are a specialty type of grill as they provide you to cook your main meal on the main grill whilst allowing you to melt/boil your condiments (such as cheeses and sauces) in the ‘raclette cheese’ underneath.

Best Raclette Grills

1. Swissmar


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Most Popular: 8 Person Gourmet Raclette

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Swissmar Raclette Grills are surely the most recognized brand in raclette grills as they are known for selling the ‘best raclette grill’ ever! Swissmar sells a lot of raclette grill models but the two best swiss raclette grills they sell are the Swissmar KF-77081 and the Swissmar KF-77041 Raclette Party Grill.

The KF 77081 model is a stone raclette grill made of granite and also has stay cool handles. It also comes with 8 spatulas and raclette dishes. The KF-77041 can unfold up to 180 degrees and has a stone and cast aluminum non-stick grill plate.

This brand has been around for 30 years and sells a variety of products from raclettes, fondues, wine accessories, bamboo boards, cheese knives and other kitchen accessories. Over the years, they have managed to build a good reputation among their customers. Their products are truly on the top of the list for many kitchen appliances and they remain a trusted brand worldwide.

You can also choose other models, depending on how big you want/how many people you wish to serve. To view the Entire Range, Click Here.


2. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton-Beach-Raclette-GrillCHEAP RACKLETTE

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The Raclette Party Grill from this brand has a nonstick top and also has the standard lower levels for melting cheese or other condiments. This Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette, which has an 8-tray heating section, comes with handy recipes and also a one-year warranty for their customers.

Hamilton Beach sells a variety of appliances (from blenders, slow cookers, coffee makers, toaster ovens and indoor grills). They are also known all over America, Canada, and Mexico.

The brand sells over 35 million appliances each year. Customers can choose a huge variety of kitchen appliances, and among them is their famous hamilton beach grill featured here. Therefore, you know you are buying a quality product here.


3. West Bend

West-Bend-Raclette-Party-GrillOVAL SHAPED RACLETTE SET

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One of West Bends well-known electric appliances is the 6130 Raclette Party Grill. Do you  know what’s different about this one compared to the others I’ve listed above? It’s the only non-rectangle shaped raclette available to buy! The raclette party grill is made of a non-stick grill top/a granite stone top that is becoming increasingly popular and preferred.

It is also dishwasher safe and comes with a one-year warranty.

Again, West Bend is another trusted brand as it’s been around for more than a hundred years and has been established as good quality brand when it comes to electric kitchen appliances. Since the beginning back in 1911, they have been known for their innovative products. They were founded in West Bend, Wisconsin and now under Focus Products Group International, LLC.


4. Vonshef

VonShef-12-Person-Raclette-Party-GrillRACLETTE COOKER + BONUS FONDUE POT

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Vonshef sells a 12 Person Raclette Party Grill which includes a BONUS 6 Fork Fondue Set & 12 Raclette Pans. Most raclette grills are only for 8 people, but this brand offers a raclette that can cater up to 12 people.

And it has a massive plus – not only is it super affordable, it’s the only table top raclette grill that you will find that comes with a fondue pot included in the raclette set so you can cook your delicious and healthy meat and vegetables meals with your raclette party grill whilst preparing you desert in your fondue pot at the same time. (To view more about fondue pots, read our article about Fondue Sets for Chocolate, Cheese and Meat Fondue)

Vonshef is also among the leading brands of innovative kitchenware appliances. They are popular for their brand motto, “Quality has never tasted so good.”


Where the Heck Did the Idea of Raclette Grills Come From?

History tells us that raclette grilling started back in Switzerland where farmers were known to bring back cheese after their mountain trips to move cows to other pastures. At night, they would gather by a campfire and place the cheese next to the fire and wait until it becomes soft before they scrape it on their bread.

So, what makes raclette grilling so popular in the modern day? Since people are now more than ever more health conscious, raclette grilling is now a popular choice of cooking compared to the usual feasts we do (as we also tend to overeat) because we get to eat with healthy meat and vegetables.

Benefits of Raclette Grilling

  1. It’s healthy – This type of cooking is especially helpful if you’re trying to watch your diet and want to have something that’s delicious and healthy.
  2. You can take your time to eat – Raclette grill dining can last for hours, as it is often described as leisurely dining. You can eat as much as you want and take as much time as you need. Over time, because we are all so busy, we’ve been used to eating quickly causing us to forget to appreciate the food. But with a raclette, you get to have time and actually savor the food before you. Trust me, you will appreciate the joy of eating if you learn to slow down and take your time.
  3. You get to have intimate conversations – In this day and age we tend to rush things. And we have actually forgotten that eating is not just eating for its own sake. It is an opportunity to hold conversations and get to know others, and raclette grilling provides just that. It creates a quiet and intimate atmosphere, as compared to loud and usually chaotic house parties.
  4. It does not require expertise in cooking – I personally believe that cooking is a skill, but at the same time more of a talent. When you try to cook a recipe you learned from your mother most often than not, it does not exactly taste like the way she cooked it. Somehow, it feels like there’s some magic involved. That’s why for me, raclette grilling is beneficial for everyone, since all you need to do is chop the vegetables and other ingredients then put them on the raclette. It’s less stressful and less work for everyone.

So, if you want to have some peaceful and meaningful conversations with family or friends, give raclette grill dining a try. And if you don’t have a clue which raclette grill to buy, the 4 best raclette grills above should really help you out. Getting together with your friends and new acquaintances is a great way to bond with them and with raclette grilling, the organizing and cleaning after a party is not longer tiring or energy draining.

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