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If you are a hardcore foodie like me, you already have your taste buds geared up to taste the best in the world. You can’t truly experience everything until you have had a shot at everything that accentuates your flavors. When experimenting with herbs, spices and condiments, a Mortar and Pestle leaves no stones unturned to see my preparations turn out sumptuous to make my food taste better. Using a Mortar and Pestle was like an angel was sent to me as it let me explore the better side of my palate. It was an extraordinary find and I must say I have never been more excited.

If you say, why do I need a mortar and pestle for when I already have a food processor or a mixer grinder?

I am going to simply steer you towards my grandmother’s advice.

As she puts it, “A mortar and pestle makes everything taste better. It brings in a fresher ground and authentic taste that machines fail to achieve.” The magic duo releases fresh flavors and essential oils contained in each herb or spice that make your recipe come to life.  The difference using a mortar and pestle brings in the taste is simply incomparable to man-made machine alternatives that you may think do the same thing.

But they don’t.

If you want great tasting food that encompasses the flavors they deserve, a mortar and pestle is a staple in every kitchen and requirement to make each recipe taste a whole lot tastier.

Benefits of Using a mortar and pestle

I have been reaping taste benefits ever since I steered towards mortar and pestle. There are so many mortar and pestle uses that you will enjoy rebuffing your style of cooking.

Guacomole tastes better when you prepare its constituents in a mortar. You get a fine lingering aroma that will make your tortillas taste finger-licking good. I had recently prepared the tastiest dip for my family, all thanks to my lovely mortar and pestle. Serve your tortilla chips with the ground dip and become the best host ever.

There is so much difference in taste when you are grinding roasted cumin seeds in a food processor and when you are thrashing the seeds under a pestle. The latter tends to weave out a better relish. The powdered form of all, will amplify the final taste in all your cooking.

I ended up cooking a divine gazpacho with the help of my stone mortar and pestle some days ago. I promise that the flavours get accentuated beyond limit. Even pesto tastes better when you are thumping basil leaves and garlic in a mortar. It stores the freshness in its curved  design and retains the smell.

The uses are endless, what about Indian food, Mexican food and Japanese Mochi Rice Cakes? What about dips such as hummus and many more!

A mortar and pestle is just more of a natural way to pound herbs, spices and condiments, just the way they should be used in cooking, from ancient times to modern times.

The list goes on and on. Let’s get you started quickly by finding you the best mortar and pestle available:

RSVP Marble Mortar and Pestle: I am a proud owner of this RSVP wonder. It is made up of white marble, a contrasting color to most of the spices I intend to use, which makes it easier for me to look at how much pestling is required before my stuff gets fully ground. Also, when I am done I just use a damp cloth to wipe the remnants off which makes it as good as new. Its size is just how I prefer it, small and with plenty of space in it to take care of more than two handful of spices.

VonShef Solid Granite Mortar and Pestle: Another great alternative to the above is this granite Mortar & Pestle. The pestle has great strength and plenty of roughness that will finely powder herbs and spices in a matter of seconds. It is outright perfect for bashing both soft and hard ingredients. Don’t hesitate to bring it to full force by regular granite to granite pounding, it can handle it, a long lasting kitchen assistance piece of equipment that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t discolor like some of the other products out there do. Also, its black shade will complement the beauty of your kitchen.

Bekith Stainless Steel Pestle and Mortar: If you like to surround yourself in the kitchen with stainless steel (some people trust themselves around steel), I would say you go for this winning Bekith mortar and pestle. After you use it, give it a simple wash and wipe; the odor is gone making it as good as new. The mortar is large enough to easily accommodate two to three handfuls of hard ingredients you plan to pound upon. It doesn’t mar easily even when you subject it to years of constant pounding.

Home Basics Bamboo Mortar and Pestle: Wooden mortar and pestles can be preferred by many people as they make less irritating noise when you are grinding herbs and spice It has a comfortable handle with a special grip at one end that ensures it doesn’t slip out when you are trying to pummel ingredients with its pestle. There is no lacquer coating on it so be assured that nothing will wear off and upset your preparations or unhealthy. The mortar has a perfect shape with an apt depth to ensure nothing falls off whilst you are pestling.

Accessories to assist you with your purchase

Buying a mortar and pestle wouldn’t be enough. What if you end up preparing too much of powdered spices? What you would also need is a jar to store what you have prepared. Here are some things that will come to your aid during such situations:

Deco Brothers 18 bottles and labels with rack: Once you are done pestling where would you store it? Check out this cool spice rack stand that will ensure you store your spices for future use.

Swissmar Stainless Steel Funnel: You could use this funnel to transfer the ground condiments into the above jars. That way you can avoid spilling and wastage.

What are you waiting for? Get this wonder product now and let your taste buds have a party!

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